Joe The Boxer In Flight

I don’t believe people go away when they die. Their bodies leave, as all of ours will. But as long as we remember them and hold the love with us, it will live on forever. Some things that Joe passed on to me, I still carry, and will pass on to my kids and so on. He is with many of us that remember him. He’s here right now. As long as we let him.

I love you Joe.

A wonderful tribute for a lost warrior

These patients have usually been in terrible situations, and they do not trust anyone and the staff is told “Stay away, watch boundaries, but get them to tell you everything.” That’s why people do not get better, thats why people don’t learn…

The psychologists and therapists I’ve seen have all been like this — with clear-cut boundaries between doctor and patient.  Which is good for most doctors, I guess, but when you’re talking about your problems, about intimate things, it begins to feel like a very one-sided conversation. (Similar to a visit to the gynecologist — you’re all exposed and naked, and the doctor is fully dressed.)

I’m a very curious person and these kinds of conversations were not interesting to me.  Maybe there are some patients who prefer to only talk about themselves, but for me, that’s just boring. There wasn’t anything a mental health professional could do to help relieve my pain, except the psychiatrists that prescribed the drugs.  But then, this is just another medical “specialty” that has difficulty treating chronic pain patients.

Sure hope they don’t shoot anyone who’s innocent

Utah considers resuming firing squad executions

The bill that passed the state senate on Tuesday night would reinstate the use of firing squads more than a decade after the state abandoned the practice…

States across the country have seen their drug inventories dwindle after European manufacturers opposed to capital punishment have refused to sell the lethal concoctions. Texas only has enough drugs on hand to perform two more executions. The state could run out in the next two weeks. The head of Utah’s prison system has said the state does not have any lethal injection drugs on hand. The Utah bill is one of many being debated across the country…

Because of the intense media attention, Utah lawmakers stopped offering inmates the choice of a death by firing squad several years ago. But a handful of inmates sentenced to death before 2004 still have the option of going before a firing squad. Ronnie Lee Gardner, a convicted murderer who shot and killed a lawyer in attempt to escape from prison, was the last inmate executed by a firing squad in 2010.

Sure, it’s okay for the state to shoot a prisoner convicted within our injustice system, some who’ve been freed after decades of being falsely imprisoned, some who suffer from mental illness and addiction, and some of whom lack the intelligence to be considered a functioning adult… but assisted suicide is a sin.  Go figure.