11 thoughts on “Alien Over Albuquerque

      • Of course, and the possiblities are diverse: they may be much better looking, hideous and/or may have the ability to morph into any form at any time! It is only a matter of time before we get to see what’s what and that’s that, and until then: “Don’t worry, be happy!”

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      • That brings to mind, so many frightful hearsay accounts of various types of aliens mingling among humans disguised as humans, and going about their daily chores as if they owned the earth! May be they do and perhaps we are here on rent; living on borrowed time and as is believed by so many (conspiracy advocates), if and when the Annunaki land any time between 2022 and 2032, we, that is, the ones still living around that time might even be herded into kind of concentration camps to serve the new masters! Anything is possible, until then, don’t worry, be happy!

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  1. Will there be free food, housing, and drugs at this concentration camp? Maybe the aliens will create camps for people to learn how to… concentrate. Mindfulness, it’s all the rage.


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