“Hubby says marijuana makes me a better person.”


In order to get certified for medical marijuana here, you need a year’s worth of medical records, a doctor’s letter, and then an appointment with a doctor that can certify you along with about $500. It’s a lot of expense and trouble. If you’re uncertain whether it will do you any good, your only option is to try to get some illegal pot off the street…

3 thoughts on ““Hubby says marijuana makes me a better person.”

  1. My MMJ card cost me $150 the first year. $90 to renew the second year and $75 the third and every year since. My cost for herb went from $300 per ounce street price to anywhere from $100 to $200 per ounce and I can choose from hundreds of strains. Not to mention the wide variety of other options I now have to get the medicine from edible treats and drinks to lotions and patches. My MMJ is a life changer.

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    • You’re in Washington, right? I thought about moving to Washington… I love the rain. Are you part of a collective or do you visit lots of different dispensaries? Do you have a favorite strain or is variety more important?

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      • Yes WA state. Medical dispensaries are everywhere like our coffee stands. They are all co-ops and every penny you spend is a donation. I have my faves for sure. I am a Sativa girl myself. I change strains monthly or else you build up a tolerance and it won’t be as effective. If you love rain you will love Seattle like I do. But it’s cold so make sure your home had excellent insulation and heat.

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