Do you still care about your credit rating?

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that TransUnion, Equifax and Experian promised to be, as the Journal put it, “more proactive in resolving disputes over information contained in credit reports — a process federal watchdogs and consumer advocates have long decried as being stacked against individuals.”

What a bunch of hogwash.  These credit reporting agencies get away with not only selling our information to the highest bidder, they also get away with selling information that’s incorrect. So, they’ve agreed to be more proactive, so what?  No fines, no penalties, no nothing.  It’s a system that can keep you from getting a job, an apartment, a car, and it’s crooked.  “Stacked against individuals,” indeed.

Of the three agencies, Experian is arguably the most famous (or infamous) and has been ever since last year, when news broke that Experian had inadvertently sold Americans’ confidential financial information to Vietnamese identity thieves…

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