About Daniel Somers




At around 9pm on June 10, 2013, the Army veteran walked a few blocks from the Phoenix townhouse he shared with wife, Angel, and put a bullet in his head…

He left behind a suicide letter, devastating in its eloquence. He said that the government had ‘turned around and abandoned’ him and described physical and mental suffering so great that suicide was, ‘a mercy killing.’

According to his father, when Daniel finally found a psychiatrist with whom he felt he could work, the man retired leaving Daniel in limbo once more, his psychiatric care abruptly halted…

He suffered irritable bowel syndrome so severe that, he wrote, ‘it literally controlled my schedule.’  He had ‘excruciating headaches,’ chronic fatigue that meant, ‘just holding my head upright requires more effort than I can bear.’  And he described fibromyalgia so ‘grinding’ that at times he could barely move. Fighting to keep his own emotions in check Howard said, ‘We learned that he and Angel air-hugged because it was so painful for him to be touched…

From Daniel’s suicide letter:

My body has become nothing but a cage, a source of pain and constant problems. The illness I have has caused me pain that not even the strongest medicines could dull, and there is no cure. All day, every day a screaming agony in every nerve ending in my body. It is nothing short of torture…

Lastly, the DEA enters the picture again as they have now managed to create such a culture of fear in the medical community that doctors are too scared to even take the necessary steps to control the symptoms. All under the guise of a completely manufactured ‘overprescribing epidemic’, which stands in stark relief to all of the legitimate research, which shows the opposite to be true.

Perhaps, with the right medication at the right doses, I could have bought a couple of decent years, but even that is too much to ask from a regime built upon the idea that suffering is noble and relief is just for the weak…

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