The Boring Life of a Private Investigator

In 2005, private investigators, hired by Hewlett-Packard to uncover the source of media leaks about the company, used Social Security numbers of H.P. directors to assume their identities and obtain their phone records…

In my work, I am routinely asked to break the law. An attorney once suggested that I bribe a bank officer for account numbers and balances. This could lead to charges of commercial bribery, unlawful possession of personal identification information and larceny. Felonies. A spurned husband once asked me to hack into his wife’s Facebook account and bug her phone and car — which would include computer tampering, trespassing and eavesdropping. Felonies. I’ve been asked to obtain flight manifests, steal trade secrets and impersonate mailmen. Felony. Felony. Felony.

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