Fri, Mar 6, 2015 7:43 pm

From: Southwest Organic Producers (SWOP)

March Moving Sale !!

ALL Bud will be on sale for $11.00 / $10.00 per gram

O.G. Kush-(Hybrid Sativa)
On Sale $11.00 Per Gram (Reg. $16.00 per Gram)

On-Sale-$11.00 per-gram-(reg-$14.00-per-gram)

Average price per gram (flowers & buds) – Average per LNPP ‐ $11.33. High ‐ $13.95 & 13.51. Two producers reported the average price of $13.00 or more. Low ‐ $6.03 & $7.83. Two producers reported the average price under $10.00.

Okay, the high was not $13.95 — I’ve seen strains at $15 a gram. And for $10/gram, all you get is shake.

11 thoughts on “Prices per gram

    • While I was in the program, the quality in the dispensaries was iffy and the price was inflated. (Which still appears to be the case.) But quality can be iffy on the street, too.

      Cheap weed is fairly easy to find on the street. If you look long and hard enough, you can usually find quality, too. If you’re lucky, you can find both better quality and price on the street. But I don’t think you could say the same in a different state, like in Colorado or California.

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