2014 Fourth Quarter Report Summary

Compared to reports generated by other states for their medical cannabis programs, this one from New Mexico looks like it was prepared by a first grader.


Three producers reported serving fewer than 100 patients & six producers reported serving over 1,000 patients. 

Six producers reported yields over 30,000 grams.  Six producers reported yields less than 10,000 grams.

A rather uneven way to serve patients, don’t you think?  I guess it depends on where a patient lives as to whether they have access to the strains they need, at a price they can afford.

Average price per gram (flowers & buds) – Average per LNPP ‐ $11.33.  High ‐ $13.95 & 13.51.  Two producers reported the average price of $13.00 or more.  Low ‐ $6.03 & $7.83.  Two producers reported the average price under $10.00.

Okay, the high was not $13.95 — I’ve seen strains at $15 a gram.  And for $10/gram, all you get is shake.

Number of grams provided free of charge – 9,452.  Nineteen producers reported providing free medicine to patients.  High – 3,367 & 1,661.  Low – 7 & 24.  Eleven producers reported more than 150 grams provided free of charge.

Damn, wish I would have been offered medicine free of charge.

Product in stock (flowers & buds) – 301,542 grams.  Average per LNPP – 13,111 grams.  High – 83,000 & 59,765.  Five producers report over 10,000 grams in stock.  Low – 110 & 187.  Five producers reported 0 or did not report.

Did not report?  How nice that some dispensaries don’t have to file a report.  And five producers reported zero product in stock?

Eight producers reported no testing expense.

Wow, nice for them, huh?  But perhaps not so nice for their patients.

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