Sure, that sounds like fun, who doesn’t love pizza?  But for chronic pain patients, especially those suffering from TMJ, that’s an awful lot of chewing…

A better idea for this chocolate lover would be to review new products from Russell Stover.  For instance, the dark chocolate coconut macaroon pictured above.  I love coconut, but it’s difficult to chew, so I look for the creamy coconuts — like Russell Stover’s dark chocolate coconut cream egg.

The new macaroon (hey, that rhymes) does not melt in my mouth as easily as the coconut cream, but it’s definitely got a better taste.  Thicker dark chocolate and more coconutty.  Still melts in my mouth, with just a little extra sucking power needed…

I can safely recommend this product for the treatment of chronic pain. 😀

One thought on “This Man Is Trying To Eat And Review Every Dollar Slice Of Pizza In NYC

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