7 thoughts on “Pain Patient Being Offered Prozac To Treat Pain

    • Funny, many years ago, they gave me Prozac for pain. It didn’t make me apathetic, about my pain or anything else. It felt like… I was outside of myself. Watching myself. Like maybe there was two of me. And yet both of us were still in pain.

      I wonder if they’ve done research on the long-term effects of anti-depressants on patients who aren’t depressed…


    • I haven’t read that… scary stuff. I’ve tried almost all available anti-depressants, including the MAOIs (warning: don’t take with antihistamines) — except Cymbalta.

      A podiatrist tried to talk me into Cymbalta, but I’m like, yeah, no more anti-depressants for me, thanks. But I’ve read that some fibromyalgia patients get relief from Cymbalta, although one has to wonder if it’s mostly a placebo effect.


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