Out of Trouble, but Criminal Records Keep Men Out of Work


He is facing the foreclosure of his home; his church has told him that he cannot serve as an usher; he is thousands of dollars in arrears on child support payments for his 8-year-old daughter…

Men with criminal records account for about 34 percent of all nonworking men ages 25 to 54, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News/Kaiser Family Foundation poll…

That’s worth repeating: When the background check system identified a felon, it was wrong at least 42 percent of the time…

2 thoughts on “Out of Trouble, but Criminal Records Keep Men Out of Work

  1. My X’ went to prison for 6 years and came out of it, found work, of course it was hard, but when you have children, in his case a daughter he only saw twice, once at a few weeks old behind bullet proof glass, and then again at almost three years old while he was at a Fire Camp in Northern California. I guess some men that have the drive to become better men can make it work. He went to school to be an electrician, and although he hasn’t found work as one, has been working and paying his support- for the most part. Of course I am no “money hungry” woman, and didn’t even ask for his help until he’d been out a year!

    I guess it does depend on what the man did- what got them locked up to begin with, and where they are looking for work… The main key is to be HONEST on applications- especially when you know there will be a background check. Just saying, when there is a WILL there is a WAY!

    Thanks for the stats.


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