Predicting a pain storm is like predicting the weather — sometimes you’re right, and sometimes you’re wrong. Sometimes you can hold off the thunder and lightning, and sometimes you have to ride out the storm… strap yourself to the ship’s mast and hang on for dear life.

My pain doesn’t have a schedule, nor can I predict when a storm will strike. Sure, sometimes increased physical activity can make it rain harder, but sometimes not. And yes, certain triggers can increase my TMJ pain, like chewing something I shouldn’t be eating, or even smiling too much. Sometimes triggers increase pain; sometimes they don’t. Makes me wonder if all my alleged triggers are really triggers after all…

My pain reminds me of the weather, and how weather forecasts are not always right… like predicting Mother Nature is an easy thing to do. For a pain patient, like trying to constantly analyze symptoms and activities in an effort to predict and prevent pain storms… sometimes the effort pays off, sometimes not. It appears the brain has a mind of it’s own.

It’s like how yesterday’s Snow Day turned into today’s sunset, above. All that snow has melted (with irritating cracking and dripping sounds all day long), giving my poor car a much needed bath. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Predict This

  1. “Or even smiling too much.”

    that one is sad. No right to be happy?

    It is so funny how what you say about pain correlates to my bipolar … the without warning, the constant monitoring and evaluating, the efforts to prevent, the mistrust and payback of ordinary feelings. My pain also has characteristics like you described, but it is pretty much continuous, so some of it doesn’t apply. But the bipolar – gee I can’t even be HAPPY for Pete’s sake, without it being suspect, or without my having to pay for it! Good post!

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    • Chronic pain is continuous — mine averages about a level 7 every day. Pain storms are when the pain increases to, like, level 9 pain.

      You don’t have to smile to be happy or find something funny, although it does help. 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness Im the same ~ I cannot smile without pain 😦 Today is bad for me, at 9 already. I totally relate to your words re the levels and unpredictability and triggers etc etc. Smiling from inside is good though 🙂

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  3. oh how i can relate to you post so fucking much gurl…i mean dude…lol jk..just trying to make you laugh and doing a poor job at it probably …the unknowing of when it will strike but with my general all over pain it is every single day i usually do not get a break at all and when the flares of lupus or fibro act up and for some reason the last to flares they have acted up both at the same time and omg i never want to feel that ever again..i wanted my life to end….:( i couldn’t be touched even the slightest touch i would scream and it would take me over an hour or longer to lay all the way down in bed since everything hurt to the point i would be crying all day and night…my feet would hurt so bad couldn’t walk or if i did i would just cry…i can tell usually now when a flare is about to happen and most is trigger from stress and i am a very high stressed person i do put a lot of undo pressure on myself but that is me and my life is stressful but it will get better 😉 but to tell if it is going to be a full on flare or mild one or how long it will last that i do not know…one of the hardest part of the flares is i can not even be touched and we always give hugs to my dad and bf every morning and during the day and at night and i can not take part of that…that hurts more than the pain itself ….

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    • OMG I have only just seen this Sues! What on earth can I say???? Except maybe, talk to me, in graphic detail, as much as you want. I am here for you and feel a bit of a fraud as I have not yet felt it THAT bad. You poor poor thing, oh how I wish I was there to look you in the eyes to send comfort without pain. I only hope the flares do not come so often soon. Understand what you mean about putting pressure on yourself even though you know you are tempting shit to happen. It doesn’t make any difference does it, that is what we are like. As a smoker lights a fag, they know how bad the effects can be, but still they light up. Not sure if that simili works but I know what I meant and I hope you do too. YES YES YES….it will get better my pal ~ believe it…..please 🙂 x sending you a humungous hugg right now, but only softly if the need be. x


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