2 thoughts on “Life With a TBI: March Is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

  1. In my brother’s case, which came first, the alcoholism or the TBI? When he was diagnosed they realized he had had TWO injuries. The most current had just happened as a result of intoxication, and the other was from a year previous so obviously we didn’t know the cause. His death came about either from the TBI’s or his alcoholism, we don’t know because they found him so late. The TBI’s made him so angry, so incapable of dealing. He did come back to us, from not walking or talking, as a result of rehab, But he was never ever the same. 😦

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  2. oh yes how i hate the head injury…and i agree with the article on the one where she said it is best if you keep a sense of humor …couldn’t agree more..life is to fucking short not to..on that note life does get to me and sometimes i get upset just like anyone else ..great information thank you for sharing it with us all… hugs to all..

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