Second Arizona mental health provider will leave New Mexico

Papen, who is carrying legislation that would ensure due process for Medicaid providers accused of fraud, has questioned whether the Arizona companies truly are delivering more services. She has argued that the current providers are being paid more than their predecessors, having received a 12 percent increase in rates during the past year alone, but they still continue to struggle financially.

The state gave the Arizona providers nearly $24 million to ease their speedy transition into New Mexico. La Frontera received $4.75 million of that up-front money…

Turquoise Health and Wellness, which operates in Carlsbad, Roswell, Clovis and Tucumcari, was the first replacement provider to notify the state it will stop providing services in New Mexico. Effective April 1, Turquoise will shut down for financial reasons. Presbyterian Medical Services plans to take over services from Turquoise in Carlsbad, but the state contractors continue to search for replacements in the other communities Turquoise serves…

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