Why testosterone is the drug of the future


After his personal success, Cenegenics asked if he’d like to take their training course, so he did, and quickly, he found himself switching specialties and business models. He became a testosterone doctor.

Just like doctors who now treat addiction…

Clinics like his don’t work like most doctors’ offices do, where they are limited by what insurance companies will pay for. This is an all-cash business. The initial session costs $5,000, and the monthly charges are over $1,000. Clients get their blood work done every three months, so that Campion can keep tabs on how their “hormonal balancing” is going. Most patients lock into a permanent testosterone regimen, as Campion has. “I will take testosterone for the rest of my life,” he says…

What pain clinics will look like in the future… Access to treatment will be out of reach for most patients.

In 2013, 14,000 kilograms of testosterone were sold in the United States. That might not sound like much, but a typical adult male has just 0.000000035 kilograms of testosterone floating around in his bloodstream. There is a lot of extra T in the hormonal composition of the country—and it only accounts for the legal sales…

Can we correlate this to an increase in violence over this time period?  Are environmental scientists testing for this drug in our water, food, and waste?

Campion, for one, insists that his testosterone clinic is meant to promote well-being, not to cure disease, even though he uses the tools of medicine…

Is testosterone an anti-depressant?  I wonder if it could treat addiction…

This emergent industry is not primarily composed of high-end, coastal practices like Campion’s. Low-T business startups are blooming across the country, many run by entrepreneurial doctors who did not specialize in endocrinology, urology, or any related subfield…

This sounds so similar to the addiction industry, just on a smaller scale.  I predict that in the future, doctors selling testosterone will outnumber those selling addiction treatments.

The sheer fact that properties of “manhood” can be conferred by an injection should destabilize our notion of how fixed in our bodies and identities we are…

So true.

And my final questions is, does testosterone treat chronic pain?  Maybe for men only?  As a woman, I don’t think I’d be interested in trying it.

What an interesting article, gracias Mr. Madrigal.

3 thoughts on “Why testosterone is the drug of the future

  1. Interesting. My testosterone levels are (were) very far under the minimum needed in a man my age.
    I started using the cream…hmm…had a stroke after about a year. Doubt I could prove that one. Now taking injections. Working well, helps me to build muscle mass since the stroke. Levels are still way down, even with the injections, but I do feel better.

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