5 thoughts on “Voices of patients in pain

  1. this hit home on many levels… same here i get random drug screened from my pain specialist and have had times where the drug did not show up she asked me when was the last time i took a pain pill and i told her and i also told her sometimes i do not take one if i decide to lay down and not take the pill since i will get more relief laying down(at times).. i only take when i need…i get so tired of all that the original poster said it just blows my mind…

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    • I was required to fill out charts, recording every pill I took, the day and time, my pain levels at that moment, total for each day… it was like homework I had to do throughout the day. Exhausting.

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      • that is going a lil to far in my book as well..seems like they make us out to be the criminal… i have been judge and judge since day one and oh do i get pissed off… i do not want to get high i want the pain to go away…man do i feel bad for you going thru all that..my hat is off to you my friend.. hugs

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