Latest email scam (AOL)

From:  S e c u r i t y A L E R T

Re:  Unlock your AOL mail

AOL Update !!!

Click Here to Update Your Aol Email.

We apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Regards, Aol Team

3 thoughts on “Latest email scam (AOL)

  1. dang it has been years…i am talking maybe 9 years maybe that the last time i went on aol… but today i did find my information like passwords for sites that i used to keep my pictures for myspace lol and it has been years since on myspace as well lol…myspace was good for me since i loved to design my whole site i so enjoyed that…with facebook you can not do it and yeah it sucks to me lol that i am not able to design on there…just glad i have found older pictures that i thought i would never see to find the time to get all my sites that have pictures off and onto my computer is a goal….

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