Unum’s Pendergrass and Kertay


Personality and Somatoform Disorders in Forensics and Claims for Disability (2007)

Les Kertay, PhD

Incidence estimates show that 10-15% of the population meets criteria for one or more personality disorders and that somatoform disorders are of relatively high frequency in those with nonspecific medical complaints. The presenters contend that significant features of personality disorder impact even more adults seen in clinical practice than incidence estimates suggest, that there is a blurred line between personality and somatoform disorders, and that both are common in those who claim long-term disability with psychiatric features.

Iatrogenic contributions to disability (2005)

Thomas M. Pendergrass, RN, PhD
Les Kertay, PhD

Psychologists are often in a position to have tremendous influence, for both good and ill, on a patient’s functionality with respect to work and other aspects of daily living. The presenters will explore some of the obvious and subtle ways in which psychologists can unwittingly contribute to disability in psychotherapy patients and subjects examined in forensic psychological or neuropsychological settings. Participants will be able to describe (and outline strategies for alleviating or managing) potential iatrogenic factors in psychotherapy, psychological or neuropsychological assessment that may exacerbate disability and dysfunction in patients; and describe the ethical and legal implications of potential iatrogenic factors in psychological assessment and treatment.

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