This Is Discrimination. (This Is The Drug War.)

As so many of you know, few landlords are willing to rent to marijuana businesses.

And if you rent your living space, you’ll need to get your landlord’s approval…

How many medical cannabis patients will be refused access to rental property because they’ve chosen the cheaper route of growing their own medicine?  Wouldn’t it be great if we all owned our own home (so we wouldn’t have to worry about shit like this)?  Plain and simple, this is discrimination, not only against medical cannabis (are there restrictions for pain patients who take opioids?), but also against poor people who are forced to rent the place they call home.

Is my apartment any less of a home than the couple down the road who can afford to own their own property?  As a life-long renter, should I be discriminated against because I’ve suffered from an expensive, intractable medical condition for almost 30 years?  Should I be discriminated against because I chose medical cannabis over opioids?

How can they make rules that are so freaking discriminatory?  Hard to believe that the medical cannabis industry (along with the Drug Policy Alliance, Americans for Safe Access, and patient associations) in this state let these kinds of rules get passed.

This sucks.  (And I have a headache, which my poor keyboard is taking the brunt of.)

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