See the confiscated weed at the Colorado-Nebraska border

In January of this year, Nebraska authorities booked 23 possession of marijuana cases coming from Colorado…

Oh no!  Let’s call in the National Guard!  Were these people guilty of anything other than possession?  Did they rob a pharmacy? Beat someone up?  Get drunk and wreck their car?

And the photo of what’s been confiscated is just, plain, sad.

Sheriff Hayward says most drivers who are caught with weed are pulled over for basic traffic violations like speeding or failing to signal a lane change.

Please, we know the truth about law enforcement and traffic stops, especially close to dispensaries and border towns.  How much cash did ya’ll steal from these drivers?

But when he walks up to the vehicle, “the smell is just overwhelming when they roll the window down,” he said.

What you’re smelling, officer, is terpenes.  You should try some.

During a recent traffic stop, Sheriff Hayward confiscated four large plastic bags with six pounds of marijuana. The driver, who Hayward said purchased the cannabis from a Colorado dispensary and planned to sell it in Nebraska, was convicted on felony charges.

Another life ruined by the drug war.  (Along with the victim’s family and community being adversely affected, too.)

Sheriff Hayward says the profile of drivers caught with pot runs the gamut: teens making weekend runs to Denver; a 67-year-old grandmother; and an Iowan driving with a pound of marijuana and edibles.

Feel proud about putting a grandmother in jail, do you?

And increasingly, these drivers are being found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs, which Sheriff Hayward says is worrisome trend…

A trend, huh?  A year after Colorado has legalized, you’ve discovered a trend?  Why, have car accidents increased in your neck of the woods, Sheriff?  I believe the actual trend is that people are drinking less since legalization, which shows up in the decrease in car accidents in these states.  (Legalization also decreases the suicide rate.)

My advice to law enforcement:  Let go, dudes, just let it go. You’ve lost the drug war. Leave bud in peace.

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