4 thoughts on “John Mayer -Daughters

  1. magnificant. My favorite of hers she did though will always be. “Mr President” about George Bush. I cried over that every time I heard it.. People have forgotten the horrors he caused.


      • No – I’m not talking about marilyn monroe – Back when Bush was still in office, the singer Pink came out with a song called “Dear Mr President” If you have never heard it – you should. Put yourself in the time period she wrote this song. I promise you it will bring a lump to your throat. And yes, it is the republicans who have conveniently forgotten, because they are still stuck on Reagan as their god, where if they actually researched his presidency, he would lose his god status really fast. I think I will put that youtube video on my watchandwhirl blog as a reminder to those who think that Obama is the cause for their ills. I’m not saying that I think Obama lived up anything he promised, but he did have to fight a massive wall of resistance, who wasn’t going to let him implemen tanything either.

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