Dreams, Pain, Suicide and Bud

The Role of Dreams in Our Lives


Research has found that among patients with Major Depressive Disorder, the presence of frequent nightmares is associated with suicidal tendencies…

There’s evidence that one type of drug commonly used to treat depression may alter dreaming. SSRI — selective serotonin uptake inhibitors — appear to affect dreaming in several ways. SSRI may decrease dream recall — the ability to remember dreams. This type of drug may intensify dreaming. SSRI may lead to the presence of more positive emotions in dreams. Withdrawal from SSRI, on the other hand, may lead to nightmares and may also intensify dreaming.

Drugs and alcohol also can affect dreaming. Alcohol disrupts the normal, healthy sleep cycle and leads to fragmented sleep. Consuming alcohol heavily and too close to bedtime may alter and diminish time spent in REM sleep. Studies show that alcohol dependency is linked to dreams with more negative emotional content. Marijuana also disrupts and reduces REM sleep. Withdrawal from marijuana and cocaine have been shown in studies to induce strange dreams…

Funny, I had the opposite effect when I consumed cannabis — the drug actually increased REM sleep, including dreams.  And when I stopped having access to cannabis, I had very few withdrawal symptoms; and they only lasted for a day or two.  Compared to detoxing from prescription medications, it was a cake walk.

Insomnia can heighten dream recall and also lead to more stressful and disturbing dreams…

Okay, I’m not reading any further, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about…


Re: Effects of Discontinuing the Use of Cannabis

by Painkills2 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:26 pm

What happens when patients can’t renew, and must discontinue their pain medication?

1. Increased anger and frustration, along with a decreased ability to handle these strong emotions
2. No change in sleep patterns [because I don’t really have sleep patterns]
3. Loss of patience [but not much to begin with]
4. Smoking (cigarettes) like a chimney [major bummer]
5. Loss of interest in healthy foods
6. Some increased sadness and anxiety
7. Easier to retain short-term memory, but harder to think
8. And, of course, increased pain levels, with no adequate way to manage them

(I am not too proud to beg for mercy. And maybe some compassion.)

by Painkills2 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:10 pm

I’m not sure doctors understand how easy it is for suicidal thoughts to creep into the mind of a chronic pain patient…

You’ve got patients who have suffered from chronic pain for months or years, and are still searching for that magic pill. They’re frustrated, they’re tired, and they are suffering from unmanaged pain. If they’re still able to work, their job performance and attendance is suffering, along with their personal relationships. They are having to make an incredible effort just to appear normal, to do the things they normally do, and to hold out hope that things will get better.

You’ve got chronic pain patients with high expectations of the medical industry, still able to access adequate treatment, and still holding out for some kind of miracle treatment or cure. Their hope is based mainly in their opinion that this miracle cure will come with a price tag they can afford, but pain and fear are still constant companions.

You’ve got intractable pain patients who have been around the block, know the score, and have reached a level of acceptance — that the pain will always be around, and will only get worse. They’ve seen the criminalization of pain patients, and the DEA’s power grow and grow. They know that past is prologue, so there’s not much hope left that the medical industry will overcome the existing and ever-growing prejudice against pain patients (not that many doctors are really trying).

Does acceptance have to mean a loss of hope? I don’t know, you tell me.

All this to get to the point of how much cannabis helps to keep those suicidal thoughts at bay for all patients who are suffering, both physically and mentally. It can get to be a constant struggle to steer your thoughts away from the negative, and cannabis — more so than any other drug — provides an amazing assist.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for creating this plant, and thanks to all the growers who work so hard to create this miraculous medicine for patients.

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