I Got a Tattoo While Hypnotized in Amsterdam


Sure, hypnosis works for some people… It would be interesting to run an experiment at this place, see what percentage of the general public can be hypnotized while getting a tattoo.  I mean, maybe I’m wrong about how many pain patients could successfully use this therapy, biased by my own failures with it.

Since the VA and the NIDA began their big research program to treat pain without drugs, I’ve been waiting to hear how all these other therapies are working on veterans.  If veterans can obtain pain relief through alternate treatments, maybe the rest of us can too. (Well, not me, I’ve tried all the treatments they’re using.)

If hypnosis doesn’t work for you either, there’s always chocolate 🙂

4 thoughts on “I Got a Tattoo While Hypnotized in Amsterdam

  1. this is funny because when i get tattooed i always eat chocolate beforehand. it’s a ritual.

    i have been hypnotized many times in therapy. i don’t know how well it controls pain, but it certainly allowed me to talk about things, and unearth memories, i couldn’t have done otherwise.

    i also learned self-hypnosis to control anxiety. my psychiatrist at the time said i was very open to suggestion, so maybe it would work for me, dunno. 😀

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      • thank you! i try to keep my mind as open as possible. maybe it works!

        creativity is a wonderful thing! i feel very lucky to have it.

        btw, i should probably read more of your blog to find this out, but there’s a lot! hehe i wanted to ask what causes your chronic pain? i have a helluva lot of chronic pain, too. have done for almost my whole life.

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  2. Started with TMJ when I was a teenager, then degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis — the stuff that happens to the body of an old gymnast. But the worst pain is in my upper body, with my head, face, and ears throbbing the most. I swear, if I could figure out a way to detach my head, I would. 🙂


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