DEA should not interfere with physicians and pain patients

My comment:

“The DEA can continue to enforce policies that prevent overuse and overdoses. But it must not interfere in the appropriate relationship between physician and patient.”

Seems like the DEA is actually one of the causes of a lot of drug abuse and overdoses, directly or indirectly. The agency is definitely the cause of who knows how many deaths at the hands of law enforcement, not to mention all the victims (and their families) locked up for nonviolent drug offenses.

And then there’s all the pain patients, doctors, and pharmacists who are now victims of the drug war, too.

It’s too late to stop the DEA’s interference in the medical industry — that’d be like trying to, I dunno, stop the drug war.

Dr. Webster, unless you look realistically at why pain patients are drowning, your arguments are just treading water in this fight (if that).

One thought on “DEA should not interfere with physicians and pain patients

  1. This is interesting to me because many of those who are affected by the drug trade do not have the means to bring the drugs in…they have to come from somewhere. If the government is able to find the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, I’m certain that they are capable of locating the heads of these drug cartels. Just my thoughts…

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