Coalition for Public Safety

“Usually bitter adversaries, Koch Industries and the Center for American Progress have found at least one thing they can agree on: The nation’s criminal justice system is broken.

Koch Industries, the conglomerate owned by the conservative Koch brothers, and the center, a Washington-based liberal issues group, are coming together to back a new organization called the Coalition for Public Safety. The coalition plans a multimillion-dollar campaign on behalf of emerging proposals to reduce prison populations, overhaul sentencing, reduce recidivism and take on similar initiatives. Other groups from both the left and right — the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans for Tax Reform, the Tea Party-oriented FreedomWorks — are also part of the coalition, reflecting its unusually bipartisan approach.”

I’ve read the news about the Koch brothers trying to convince everyone that they’re interested in prison reform.  The problem I have with that are groups like this:

While the federal government funds most anti-drug groups, it’s probable that the Koch brothers spend more money on advocating for the prison industry than they do fighting criminal justice reform.  Considering the kind of money that the Koch brothers have, this latest effort is a like drop in the bucket. It’s like free (and positive) advertising for the Koch brothers.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Koch brothers started investing in industries for prison “reform” many years ago, in preparation for backing this group.

It’s like when banks spend money to help home owners stay in their homes — considering the amount of money they stole from home owners around the world, that money they spend to “help” people is very minimal in comparison.

The Koch brothers spend most of their money on Republicans, but they give plenty to the Democrats, too.  Sorry, I don’t trust them or anything they’re involved with.  Of course, no one really knows all the issues that the Koch brothers spend money on…

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