Answers To This Simple Question Will Make You Laugh Or Cry

52% oppose evolution, denying that “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals”

I know some people are uncomfortable with the fact that our ancestors include monkeys and apes — I don’t know why, these animals are cute and funny.  Compared to what cavemen looked like and behaved back in their time, maybe apes should be looked at as an improvement.

Most if not all of the science that we rely on today comes from our knowledge of animals, including monkeys and apes (and all those poor research mice).  We practice this medicine on humans because we first practiced it on animals — this research taught us who we are and where we come from.  (Unless you dispute DNA.)  Those pain pills you take?  We know how they work because they work the same way on animals.

Animals are a part of our human history, and there’s no going around that. Just like slavery and racism are part of our history (and present), and we can’t pretend they’re not.  Just like the drug war will one day be part of our history. (Unfortunately, I’ll be dead by then.)

70% felt government funding for science was adequate or too generous.

If 70% of Americans think this is true, we are in worse shape than I thought.

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