Mars, a potential “island” for pain patients?

Maryland woman is one of 100 people chosen from more than 200,000 applicants to colonize Mars.

First we need to make sure we can grow cannabis on Mars…

2 thoughts on “Mars, a potential “island” for pain patients?

  1. This group is trying to get narcotics banned for all non-cancer pain. They are the equivalent of the temperance movement and are essentially a full time lobbying group. They are also behind a lot of the crazy articles coming out linking marijuana with all sorts of ailments. They were also behind the move to get vicodin restricted. They are a dangerous lot.


    • Just visited your website, and you should think about changing the background — it makes it difficult to read. Along with the print being really small.

      I’m glad ya’ll have a published list of doctors on your site, but a list of just their names doesn’t really help patients. I guess your website is pretty new, huh?

      And if you had spent any time on my website, you would have realized that I’m already up-to-date on groups like this, including PFROP, but I thank you for the heads up.


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