4 thoughts on “INSOMNIA

    • Maybe you have to be awake for over 24 hours to figure this one out…

      See, 70 thousand years ago, an alien star buzzed Earth. And this caused a lot of damage, kinda like when asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs. This huge event then caused a ripple effect, a butterfly effect, that reached out and grabbed me here in 2015, creating my insomnia.

      I mean, it’s not like it’s my fault that I can’t sleep… sure, it could be the constant pain keeping me awake, but it could also be the result of a 70,000-year-old alien star, which butterflied me into insomnia.

      Gee, I can’t understand why you didn’t get that… 🙂


      • Ok….I still don’t see how moveing you foward or backward(in time essential) would have anything to do with your insomnia. That would have to do with your body. Maybe you can say it affects your nervous system by constantly keeping you on edge. But other than that that explanation would only explain how certain things may have changed…such as time period and such… BTW I have stayed past 24 hours Geez…


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