Voices of pain patients


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Outlier Babe
Feb 18, 2015 @ 21:17:55

I have always considered myself a nice person. I like to think I treat everyone equally. Now I find that I do not always act like a nice person. Too many nights with too little sleep. Or too many “aches” (such an innocent light-sounding word) that have gone on for too many decades. I am worn down. Pain grinds, and grinds and grinds, doesn’t it? Big pain drives away all else–there is nothing but the pain. Smaller pain is like a a leak, allowing our energy and happiness to drain away, leaving behind crankiness and depression.

Happy belated birthday. I do what painkills2 advises, and it works for me. I think the trendy phrase now is “Mindful Meditation”, but I just call it “being thankful for the little things”. I’m pretty crabby even about those, since a super-antibiotic turned me celiac-like, and wondful foods used to be a giant part of my little things–all the foods I can no longer eat. Sure miss fresh bread, d#rn it! Grump, grump, grump…. But there are lots of other things. And if you heat up cardboard-like rice bread, and put enough butter on it, even that is not bad 🙂

3 thoughts on “Voices of pain patients

  1. I take my assets as clues from God. I know that sounds delusional but it is important for my
    peace of mind that I believe that I can give the pain meaning. So I take the fact that I’m not afraid to write, that I have technical skill and the ability to learn how to blog as a sign that
    this is what I’m supposed to do. It doesn’t make the pain go away–but because the pain is shared and used to empower a few people who might otherwise suffer in silent despair the pain has meaning, and I can find some measure of peace.

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