The Thin Blue Line

This is interesting stuff (what isn’t around here?) A reader sends this pic of a “thin blue line” license plate that is popping up on ABQ police squad cars. He writes:

Some argue the symbol simply shows support for fallen officers. Others view it as a continued “us versus them” demonstration by a police department that’s adamant that no one will tell it what to do. As a reminder, crossing “the thin blue line” is what got APD officer Sam Costales in trouble when he testified that fellow officers were lying.

Given the history of what the thin blue line means in Albuquerque, do these license plates have any business being on taxpayer-funded police vehicles? Is there an APD policy when it comes to placing political or social statements on police vehicles?

One thought on “The Thin Blue Line

  1. There needs to be a national conversation about police and how cops should be more respectful and the ones who are humble and friendly be the role model for the others. The other is for the media to stop sensationalizing just to stir up stories. The problems we have are already to the point of causing riots and a bit of calm and taking responsibility is good for all of us. Cop-hating is as bad as the beatings but there are too many cops beating as well.

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