New challenge for amateur photographers

I tried a new product recently and I thought it would be helpful to post what I found. Like if anyone tries the new Cruffin, I sure hope they’ll let us know how it tastes.  Is it all hype?  Is it worth the cost?

So I looked for an image of this product on the internet, but only found one or two — and I liked neither.  Then I thought, well, I have a camera, I’ll just make my own photo for this product.

Which led to the thought of wondering if a meme would be better than a plain post with a picture… I don’t know about you, but I like visuals.  But I know they take a lot of time to download, which is frustrating…

Of course I decided on the visuals anyway.  And although no one took up my recent challenge of photos that looked pornographic (but really aren’t), I thought I would try one more challenge. Because I’m in the process of procrastinating when I should be doing something else, I figured I’d make it an interesting (and time-consuming) challenge…

The challenge is to make your own advertisements for the products you like.  Part of the reason our internet experiences suck is because of all the ads.  Our privacy is sold to the highest bidder because we want free email.  Now, I like WordPress, and I’m glad that it’s free.  But I also want to… pay my way.  Hence, the challenge.

I’m going to create some visuals for my new product and post them later, with a link to a Flickr album.  (See, Flickr is free, too.)  And I challenge others who have the time and the interest to join me.

If I’m the only one who joins the challenge, then I get to be the judge of which ad/meme wins… so, if no one else is interested, I’ll understand.

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