Should hate be a crime?

Hate crime prosecutions rare in NC, often difficult to prove

Hate is not only an emotion, like love, but it is something you are taught, not born with.  So, who should be punished?  The hater or the people who taught him to hate?  If, as a child, you’ve never received love and only been taught to hate, hasn’t your brain suffered a trauma?  Hasn’t that created some faulty wiring?  Once you turn 18, become a “legal” adult, are your childhood traumas now your fault and your responsibility?

As humans, we all have the capacity for violence — it’s in our DNA.  But civilization and evolution are beginning to reduce violence from our DNA, very slowly but surely.  Our ancestors are not as violent as their ancestors, and we are not as violent as our ancestors.  With every generation, people are learning that violence and hate are just a waste of time and space.

So, should hate be a crime?  Is hate part of free speech?  And who is to blame?  The hater or the ones that taught him to hate?  (This would be a good time to stop watching Fox news.)

One thought on “Should hate be a crime?

  1. Yes,I believe it is always the previous person/government’s fault when you really look at it. All we as ‘our’ generation/time can do is try to learn and crete a ‘better’ way…….but then who? exactly is to say what is right, surely that is only in the eyes of the observer? Or is that just too deep!

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