Wow, this TurboTax email scam is clever…

Update Notification:
Our commitment to keep you up to date with your account.

Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

As 2015 Federal and State tax season is about to kick off, You are required to update your account details just by sign in to your account as part of our seasonal account policy.

Failure to update your account within 48-hours may result to formatting of your information help on file which may require you to pay additional re-set up fee.

To update your account now, please log in to My Account. Thank you for being a TurboTax customer!

If you would like to learn more about Intuit’s privacy policies or want to update your privacy preferences, you can visit us at http:// privacy (dot) intuit (dot) com.

Except… I’ve never been a customer of TurboTax.  Even so, I’d never click on any of these links. And then there’s this:

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