“All we’re asking for is a chance”

1/17/2015, Families fight for legalization of medical marijuana (Tyler, TX)


I think it’s sad that some states are only looking at CBD-only programs; they are restricting access to one of the most important cannabinoids, THC.  At low-level strengths, like 2% or 3% THC, even if used by children, it might cause only a brief “high” — if any psychoactive effect at all.

They sure don’t restrict access to all the prescription drugs that do a lot more damage and have a lot more side effects than cannabis.  For instance, there are few restrictions on heavy-duty drugs like anti-psychotics, even for kids.

Stripping the entourage effect of the plant makes the medicine less effective.  As long as the drug war demonizes THC, cannabis won’t be able to do all the good that it can do.

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