Voices of pain patients


Dana BombBird Ginsberg

Yesterday at 3:52pm

Trying to get a refill on one of my prescriptions, the store I usually go to got my Rxs mixed up with my mom’s DOG. They called and messaged me saying, “We can’t fill your RX due to problems with insurance.” I called the store and after a long wait on hold, the lady just sorta laughed and asked “Is this for a dog?” Then when I went to pick up my own RX, the guy at the counter was a jerk. He tried to make me take mine AND my mother’s dogs RX (which no insurance covered). I had to call my mother to confirm that no, I didn’t want to take my mother’s dog’s RX if I had to pay for it out of my own pocket. On top of that, instead of 3 packs of my own RX, I only got one because “that’s all Blue Cross would cover.”

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