1/29/2015, Automated Prediction of Risk of Problem Opioid Use in a Primary Care Setting


An automated surveillance method utilizing baseline risk indicators from structured electronic health care data was moderately accurate in identifying COT patients who had subsequent problem opioid use.

This study was part of a research collaboration between Group Health Research Institute and Pfizer Inc. (“Electronic Research of Opioid Abuse Detection and Surveillance (e-ROADS)”), carried out with financial support from Pfizer Inc…

Michael Von Korff and David Carrell are principal investigators of funded and pending grants to Group Health Research Institute from Pfizer Inc. for research on use of natural language processing to identify problem opioid use. They are also principal investigators for pending grants to Group Health Research Institute from a consortium of drug companies to conduct FDA-mandated research concerning risks of problem opioid use among patients receiving extended release opioids.

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