A look at Michigan

Cities Where Crime Is Soaring


1. Monroe, MI
> 5-year increase in violent crime rate: 159.1%


2/6/2014, Heroin Takes Another Young Life

Johnny Honeycutt

Click to access Substance_Abuse_Public_Health_Issue_small.pdf

Substance Abuse Issues In Monroe County (May 2014)

A review of drug deaths as presented by Dr. Carl Schmidt, Medical Examiner for Monroe
County reflects an increase in drug related deaths over the past 10 years. Since 2004 Monroe
County has seen a total of 285 drug related deaths with 75 of these related to heroin use, 68
related to methadone use, and 67 related to cocaine use. There are a variety of other drugs
identified such as alcohol alprazolam (Xanax), codeine, diazepam (Valium) and Citalopram
(Celexa, an antidepressant) in relation to death but in lesser numbers…


7/20/2014, Michigan heroin use, OD deaths increase


10/26/2014, Drug thefts at U-M hospital: A nurse’s death, a doctor’s overdose and 16,000 missing pills

The nurse, 29-year-old Carla DelVecchio, died. The doctor, 32-year-old Timothy Sutton, lived and was subsequently convicted of a crime and lost his job…

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