Voices of pain patients


Tracy Graves Parker · Top Commenter · Web Designer & Developer, Photographer, Fractal Explorer, Pottery Wench, Artist. at Artist
I went through this when they shut Thurman down. Nobody wanted to touch a Thurman patient. I was thrown into a hellish nightmare of withdrawals. Nobody gave a crap. Told me to go stand in line with the heroin addicts at the methadone clinic. Good luck to this guy’s patients, they will need it.

I had a similar experience when my doctor of 8 years passed away, Dr. Joel Hochman.  It appears Dr. Hochman was well-known in the pain management industry, and many doctors didn’t agree with his prescribing practices.  So, while a small portion of his preferred patients were referred to another doctor, that doctor couldn’t take all his patients.  Many patients, including me, were left without any referral or idea of what to do next.  And to top it all off, the day of my monthly appointment was when I learned that Dr. Hochman passed away, and I was left with… nothing. Couldn’t even get a copy of my patient file.

Brenda Alice Smith · MTSU

Every knows that pain clinics requires records and referrals. Every one knows that the emergency rooms are not going to be able to handle a influx of detoxing patients and that they usually discriminate and refuse to treat patients with chronic pain even when they are ill with something else…

I have this fear also, that if I ever have to go to the emergency room or to the hospital in the future, as a chronic pain patient, will I have access to needed pain medications?

Steve Ariens · Top Commenter · Pharmacist at Chronic pain consultant
How many other docs have had pts that have died under their care ? for numerous reasons… For every bogus pt there are 15-20 legit pts. NO DOC will have a completely pristine practice.. there are scam artist that get past the best docs and protocols. Thanks to the DEA those legit pts in this practice now have a BIG RED “A” on their forehead – for ADDICT.. as far as every other practice is concerned they are TAINTED GOODS.. This action by the DEA will throw hundreds or thousands of legit pts into elevated pain… thrown into withdrawal.. which can cause a hypertensive crisis.. resulting in stroke or death.. not to mention the number of pts that will commit suicide because of their intolerable pain, increased depression and anxiety… Chronic pain pts already have commit suicide at twice the rate of the rest of the population. The whole war on drugs is our government’s reaction to the black market that Congress created with the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 and the courts at that time the courts decided that the mental health disease – ADDICTION – and only the addiction to opiates was a CRIME. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_Narcotics_Tax_Act we have spend > ONE TRILLION since we officially declared war in 1970 with the creation of BNDD/DEA and currently we are spending 51 billion to try and keep abt 6 million people from abusing some substance – other than tobacco & alcohol – that is more per person than we spend per person on healthcare.

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