Reviews for jobs at Phoenix House

Counselor (Former Employee), Descanso, CA – October 7, 2014
Cons: work environment

This is an awful place to work. It is run like a boot camp and is FAR FROM TRAUMA INFORMED. Management has no clue about current modalities in recovery and the bottom line is that this place is basically a money making machine. “Counselors” are really just glorified baby sitters and the guy that runs the day to day program enjoys shaming both the residents and the staff.

The kids are bored to death and the case workers and counselors are bottom of the barrel and uninspired. Sad excuse for a recovery program.

If you are hired as a “counselor” you will spend your time standing around making sure the kids aren’t chewing gum or policing dress code issues.

Additionally, there is absolutely NO teamwork. If you are a lowly counselor you are disrespected by office staff, case workers, managers, the facilities guy..etc.. even the cook is allowed to run roughshot over the counselors. I am telling you, this place is just about as sick as they come….
avoid this place …at least you have that choice, the poor kids placed here don’t.

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