9/19/2013, Turning the Curve on Opioid Abuse in Bernalillo County

Click to access Opioid%20Summit%20_1%20Report%20-%20FINAL.pdf

The beginnings of this Summit go back more than two years to a meeting where Jennifer Weiss
and others from the Heroin Awareness Committee pointed out to Commissioner Hart Stebbins
the size of the drug problem…

You know, because Ms. Weiss is an “expert” on the “drug problem.”  And politicians only listen to “experts.”

Importantly, the amount of morphine equivalents dispensed has fallen since 2010 to below the 2008 level. This means that the amount per prescription has fallen…

This Summit should consider:  

Every student in middle and high school being assessed for drug dependency and offered counseling if needed…

Next comes drug testing every middle and high school student.

LUNCHEON KEYNOTE:  Sam Donaldson, news correspondent


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