Man Dies After Going 11 Days Without Sleep:

What Are The Health Risks Of Sleep Deprivation?

What’s the longest time I’ve been without sleep?  Why, that’d be the 7 days following my forced, cold-turkey detox.  Seven days of no sleep… yes, it was torture.

Can anyone beat my sad record?

So, what’s your COMM score?

The COMM was developed with support from Endo Pharmaceuticals and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It primarily focuses on current behaviors and cognition rather than character and personality traits. So unlike measures that aim to identify risk potential for substance abuse (i.e. predictive validity), the COMM asks patients to describe how they are currently using their medication…

11/22/2014, Drug addiction: The great American relapse

These days, the average user looks more like Ms Scudo. More than half are women, and 90% are white…

Like many of America’s new generation of users, Ms Scudo never intended to take up the drug. Her addiction began in 2000 when, after a hip injury, a doctor prescribed her “anything and everything” to relieve the pain. This included a high dose of OxyContin, a popular brand of opioid pill. Her prescription was later reduced, but she was already hooked…

6/10/2014, Responding to Opioid Overdose in New Mexico

Click to access RespondingToODinNM-1-.pdf

In 2010, the most common drug types causing overdose death in NM were prescription opioids, heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants.

They are responding to information that is four years old…

Project ECHO = Department of Health = federal funds = law enforcement = DEA

Summit to address opioid drug abuse

Dr. Paul Roth, chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, and Damon Martinez, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Mexico, are among featured speakers at the event…

But the decrease was partially offset by a slight increase in overdose deaths from heroin, which has become cheaper than black-market prescription drugs, he said.

The Bernalillo County Opioid Accountability Initiative was started in 2012 to improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs, and work more closely with law enforcement.

Everybody is so focused on addiction and drug overdoses — why isn’t anyone paying attention to pain patients?