If you’re Irish, you’re an alcoholic?

“You have an Irish last name — good luck finding anyone who will believe you [are not an alcoholic]!“  Linda Bresnahan, Director of Operations, PHS [after fabricating positive alcohol test]


Hey, I’m half Irish, and I don’t drink — heck, I don’t even like alcohol.  And how does a last name for a married woman work with that logic?  If I marry a man with an Irish last name, would I then always be under suspicion by the medical industry for alcohol addiction?

As a chronic pain patient, I’m already automatically considered a potential opioid addict.  And of course I have alcoholics in my family tree — doesn’t every American?  So, really, if you’re an American, you’re a potential drug/alcohol addict.

Considering the amount of money to be made in drug testing and incarceration, one has to wonder just how many drug test results are actually factual…

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