I usually don’t buy food at Walmart, only staples. (And Wyler’s Italian Ice Pops.)  But, times are tough.  (Thanks, Unum.)  So I broke down and bought a bag of cheap Walmart potatoes last week.

Big mistake. Well, maybe it would have been just a small mistake, if I had other food in the house to eat.

See, I cleaned out all the leftovers in my refrigerator yesterday, tossing them all together with some buttered noodles for what turned out to be a rather good and filling meal. But now, I’m hungry, and so I turn to the cheap potatoes.

Unfortunately for me, the potatoes not only have very little taste, they barely lasted a week before showing signs of mold. Yuck. (And fuck.)

So, it turns out that I had to throw away a significant portion of the cheap Walmart potatoes, which doesn’t make them cheap anymore.

The first thing I’m going to buy when my disability check comes in next week is…


4 thoughts on “Don’t buy Walmart potatoes…

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