3/11/2014, Secret at the Drugstore (IN)


1/27/2015, Indiana Doctor Pleads Not Guilty to all 8 Felony Charges

Hedrick is scheduled to return to court on April 23 for a pre-trial conference.


12/13/2014, Patients of closed clinics find aid

Tom Allman, manager of addictive services at Park Center Inc., said pain management patients shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking they can simply do without their medication. “You can’t go cold turkey after being on narcotics,” he said…


12/26/2014, Help still sought for closed pain center’s patients

Dr. Daniel Roth, medical director of Summit Pain Management in Fort Wayne, said it has received about 1,500 phone calls and 1,000 primary doctor referrals for former Hedrick patients…

Many primary physicians and pain centers are reluctant to accept additional patients because of the new state rules regulating how and what they can prescribe, said Phil Hutson, assistant director of the Bowen Center, a mental health facility…

“People are running out of their meds and need to be seen soon,” said Dr. Deb McMahan, the Allen County health commissioner. “Unfortunately, our primary care doctors are also being hit with an early and intense flu season.”


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