Organtica vs. New MexiCann

It appears that New MexiCann is being allowed to expand its operation before those like Organtica, who have been waiting for years for the Department of Health to add producers. And what do you know, New MexiCann snatched up the well-to-do area of Taos — which was Organtica’s first choice for a new location.  Considering the DOH’s tight reigns on this program, it is extremely doubtful that the agency will allow another dispensary to be licensed in Taos.

I don’t think it’s fair for the DOH to give economic deference to New MexiCann, no matter how much power and influence this producer has — but now I totally understand everything that Len Goodman has been saying recently, since he cozied up to the DOH.

Mr. Goodman has strong connections to Americans for Safe Access, a group that I believe is working against marijuana legalization, while putting on a front that it’s working for patients.  Of course, both of these parties are reaping the economic benefits of the medical cannabis industry, while producers like Organtica are made to sit on the sidelines.

I freely admit to a negative bias against New MexiCann due to my past experiences with this dispensary, so maybe I’m looking at this situation in the wrong way.  There are hundreds of patients who are more than happy with New MexiCann, so maybe it’s a good idea for this producer to expand (not only to Taos, but other areas too).  And I guess good ideas don’t have to be fair and impartial…

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