Edibles fire sale: Why pot-infused treats are so cheap


The reason behind the lower potency: Dixie is playing it safe, making sure the now-individually wrapped edibles wouldn’t surpass 10 milligrams apiece — hoping to cash in on the state’s new incentives, including less stringent testing, for low-dose products. The new mints as a package also are less likely to top the state’s 100-milligram limit. If a recreational edible tests for more than 100 milligrams of activated THC, its maker risks being forced to destroy the entire batch…

Other companies are phasing out infused edibles that couldn’t work under the new recreational regulations. Dixie’s high-dosage recreational 100-milligram Colorado Bar will become extinct as of Feb. 1 — and that leaves Dixie needing to unload some of its soon-to-be-noncompliant inventory…

It’s funny how you see Wall Street continually complaining about how expensive regulations are, and yet I rarely see the same behavior from the marijuana industry.

It will be interesting to see if, after this round of regulations, the prices of Colorado’s edibles increase or remain the same.

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