11/14/2014, State’s gaming revenue hit $1.2 billion, latest data says


Non-Indian gaming revenue in New Mexico fell by $6 million in 2012, to $341 million, according to the latest edition (2014-2015) of Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac. Adding in Native gaming, though, put the state’s gaming industry in positive growth territory for the year. Racetrack casino revenue fell to $242 million in 2012 from $249 million, while lottery revenue rose, from $62 million to $63 million, according to the almanac. Pari-mutuel betting was flat, at $37 million…


3/26/2014, Indian casino revenue up 7 percent in New Mexico


4/28/2014, New Mexico tribes see slight drop in slot machine revenues


1/29/2015, Is Atlantic City Headed for Bankruptcy?

Casinos make up three quarters of the city’s tax base, but casino revenues have declined 47 percent since 2006…

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