When Cops Break Bad: Inside a Police Force Gone Wild


After Detective Trey Economidy shot Jacob Mitschelen, 29, during a traffic- stop in 2011… Media scrutiny of the incident turned up other troubling indicators of the culture within the APD: On his Facebook profile, Economidy listed his profession as “human waste disposal.” Economidy wasn’t alone in his sentiments. The same year, APD Detective Pete Dwyer listed his profession on MySpace as “oxygen thief removal technician.”

Early in his career, Costales says, he agreed to write a report saying that another officer had injured his ankle while chasing a suspect, not while kicking the suspect mercilessly in the ribs once he’d caught him…

One of the first was Kenneth Ellis III, a decorated 25-year-old veteran of the Iraq War who was suffering from PTSD and had been kicked out of his Veterans Affairs treatment program…

James Boyd

Alan Gomez

Jacob Mitschelen

Kenneth Ellis III

Christopher Torres

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