We’re Not Comfortable Talking About Our Denial Of Pt Care.


1/29/2015 (Florida), Special report: Pharmacies denying legitimate prescriptions


Pete Giarrusso, who runs a Longwood motorcycle shop, is an expert at making things run better — except when it comes to his wife’s health. His wife’s doctor prescribed the muscle relaxer Soma after neck surgery, but he said Walgreens refused to fill it…

>>Has this situation happened to you? Email Matt Grant and tell him your story

Obaitan said he’s been told he cannot fill prescriptions from certain zip codes. He also isn’t supposed to dispense a large number of pills and can’t dispense certain drug combinations. The (Drug Enforcement Agency) is saying, ‘No, we don’t want you doing this,’ so who am I to go against the DEA?” Obaitan said…

5 thoughts on “We’re Not Comfortable Talking About Our Denial Of Pt Care.

  1. Chronic pain patients are being discriminated against from the pharmacies ,DEA, even the public because they have a painful disease by no choice of our own. What ever happened to compassion and empathy? We need help and protection even from our own government. Thanks for your blog.

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    • Hey Brenda, thanks for commenting. Just wanted to let you know that I read all your comments over at Pharmacist Steve’s website, even if I don’t personally respond. Sometimes, I don’t have anything to add, and sometimes, I’m just too depressed to type a reply.

      I’m new at WordPress and the free version doesn’t give me many options — but if you need help navigating my site or finding any specific information, just ask.


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