Clinton Foundation To Help Make Anti-Overdose Drug Much More Affordable

For people with health insurance, or coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, the VA or TriCare (the armed forces’ health plan), Evzio typically costs less than $30 out of pocket. But for people who lack health coverage and who don’t qualify for Kaleo’s assistance program (which extends to people without health coverage who earn up to 150 percent of the federal poverty line), prices climb as high as several hundred dollars. The average wholesale price for one unit of Evzio, which includes two Naloxone delivery devices and one training device, is $575, according to Williamson…

Here in New Mexico, pharmacists are allowed to dispense Naloxone without a prescription.  But I’m wondering how that would work…

If I was still on prescription drug therapy, what would I have said to a pharmacist who suggested that I also buy a unit of Evzio?  (Where do they come up with these names?)  Seems like I would not only be embarrassed, I would definitely feel like the pharmacist was calling me a drug addict…

Also, why would I pay $30+ for medication I never intended to use?  And since I live alone, how would the Naloxone help me if I accidentally overdosed?

Are there usually people around when someone overdoses?  Or do these tragedies mostly happen when the person is alone?

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